Yuchai Engine YC6MK375-33 Parts Catalog

Yuchai Has A Complete Range Of Widely Applied Engine Products Covering Low-Speed, Medium-Speed And High-Speed, Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty And Large Engines, And Always Stays Ahead In Engine Emission Technology. While Realizing Specialization And Refinement In Engines



L30L2-3708100 Starter 231-1305000 Water switch
M57L1-3701100A Alternator M3200-1012200B Oil filter parts
MS300-3509340 Air compressor water inlet pipesubassembly M3200-1012200B-696 Oil filter parts
Q/YC149-14 Compound seal washer 14 MKL00-1012002 Oil filter gasket
A440B-3509060A Air inlet joint subassembly K2000-1011100 Engine oil pump part
G4606-3509014 Seal gasket M6600-1011205A Gasket conjunction
MT3L2-3509011A Air compressor air inlet pipe M6600-1011240A Oil outlet pipe part
MS300-3509100 Air compressor MS2L2-1009040B Oil sump component
J42Y1-3509043 Right angle rubber pipe 6105Q-1009032A Oil drain plug magnet
M3200-3509006A Air compressor water return pipesubassembly 6105Q-1009031C Oil drain plug
MH2L1-3509008 Air compressor outlet connector Q/YC149-27 Compound seal washer 27
M3400-3509001A Air compressor gear K2000-1009001 Oil sump gasket
M3400-3509030C Oil inlet pipe subassembly M1000-1008223 Seal ring
M6600-1111004 Timing adjusting plate, injectionpump KJ100-1008250A Exhaust gasket
Q1841030 Bolt M10X30 G2200-1008119 Cover plate gasket
YC208-B14000F O-ring 2.65X140 KJ200-1008104 Intake pipe gasket
M1000-1111001 Fuelinjectionpumpconnectingplate KJ100-1007001A Tappet
M3000-1005363A Flywheel bolt M3500-1007080A Valve push rod subassembly
M3400-1005360B Flywheel and geared ring parts YC208-A00600F O-ring
GB/T276-6205-2RS1 Deep-groove ball bearing 6205-2RS1 KJ100-1007109 Rocker arm shaft washer
6105QJ-1005011 Bearing bushing M3500-1007150B Exhaustvalverockerarmsubassembly
M3400-1600440B Crankshaft rear oil seal parts KJ100-1007102A Rocker arm shaft bearing
M3400-1600440C Crankshaft rear oil seal parts KJ100-1007101 Rockshaft
M12J1-1600401C Flywheel case KJ100-1007140A Intake valve rocker components
M3400-1600406 Oil filler KJ100-1007181 Valve bridge adjusting screw
150-1003040F Oil filler cap parts L3000-1007072C Bulb spacer block
M1000-1600408B Gasket M5000-1006001 Camshaft
L3000-1600016 Cover plate-flywheel case M3400-1006013 Ball pin
MT3L2-1308703A Electromagnetic fan clutch KJ300-1005240 Siliconoilvibrationdampersubassembly
MT3L2-1308300A Fan cushion block M3400-1005018 Crankshaft small end bushing
MS1B1-1308150 Fan subassembly M3000-1005017 Crankshaft seal O-ring
M6100-1307100 Water pump M3000-1005007A Crankshaft thrust plate(upper)
M6600-1002210 Poly V-belt idle pulley subassembly M3000-1005005A Upper main bearing shell
M6600-1013002 Hose M3400-1005017 Crankshaft seal O-ring
M6600-1013084B Water pipe gasket M3400-1005016 Crankshaft big end bushing
M6600-1013061B Water pipe joint M3000-1005006A Lower main bearing shell
M1100-1307002 Water pump pulley M3000-1005008A Crankshaft thrust plate(lower)
M41J1-1306005A Water return pipe MB2L1-1002000/01 Cylinder block assembly
M3400-1306006A Thermostat seat gasket MB3L2-1003000/01 Cylinder head & cylinder head coverassembly
MS40C-1306003B Thermostat seat K2000-1004000/07 Piston and connecting rod assembly
MK100-1306004A Thermostat MS5L2-1007000/03 Valve train assembly
E24L1-1305040A Water valve parts MS2L2-1009000/04 Oil sump assembly
M3400-1118340C Oil return pipe subassembly M6600-1010000/04 Oil strainer
6QA6-1307017 Pipe joint bolt K2000-1011000/02 Oil Pump Assembly
M3600-1118301A Oil return pipe gasket MT3L2-1012000/03 Oil Filter Assembly
KA100-1118002 Turbocharger gasket M6600-1013000/10 Oil cooler cover assembly
M3400-1118352B Joint MB399-1015000/02 Engine   starting   auxiliary    deviceassembly
MKL00-1118301 Gasket MB399-1104000/04 Fuel Supply System Assembly
K6100-1118003 Turbine export gasket M4000-1105000/02 Fuel filter assembly
J41FA-1118090S1 Compressor connecting pipe KJ300-1111000/03 Injection Pump Assembly
M32X2-1118022A Compressoroutletpipecomponent Ⅰ KJ100-1112000/03 Injector Assembly
K6000-1118028 Seal copper pad M11J1-1115000/14 Fuel Shut-off Device
KA100-1118100-181-06 Compressor MT2L2-1118000/03 Turbocharger assembly
M3201-1118011B Compressor inlet pipe MB4J2-1130000/03 Injection pump accessory assembly
188-1115030B Fuel cut-off cylinder MB3L2-1303000/06 Radiator hose and soft hose assembly
171-1115031 Air intake transition connector MB3L1-1306000/02 Thermostat
J5600-1112001D Fuel injector gasket MB3L2-1307000/03 Water pump assembly
KJ100-1112100-202 Injector Parts MT2L2-1308000/01 Fan assembly
KJ100-1112150-202 Nozzle matching  parts M11L1-1600000/03 Power output mechanism assembly
M6600-1112005A Retaining plate MT4L2-3407000/01 Steering pump assembly
MH200-1111003 injection pump gear MT3L2-3509000/06 Pneumatic Air Compressor
KJ300-1111100-538 Fuel injection pump MT3L2-3701000/03 Alternator assembly
M1000-1111350A Oil inlet pipe subassembly MT3L2-3708000/01 Starter assembly
M3400-1111305A Oil outlet joint M41L3-3800000/05 Instrument sensor assembly
M4000-1105100 Fuel filter parts MT3L2-8014000/01 Air conditioning compressor assembly
M6100-1104050 High-pressure connecting pipe subassembly MK100-1002106A Cylinder liner
KJ100-1104131 Connecting pipe bolt M3000-1002107 Cylinder liner water seal ring
KJ100-1104200 Fuel return parts M3000-1002108 Cylinderlinerwatersealring(Ⅱ)
MK720-1104100 High-pressure fuel pipe part MKL00-1002103 Camshaft end cover gasket
KJ100-1104100A High-pressure fuel pipe part M400A-1002102 Camshaft end cover weldment
Q/YC149-8 Compound seal washer 8 YC209-C082105FR Oil seal 82X105
M3000-1104541 Fuel distributor MKL00-1002202 Gear housing gasket
KJ100-1104003 Fuel return pipe joint MKL00-1002238 Oil filler cover plate gasket pulley subassembly
Q/YC149-6 Compound seal washer 6 M1100-1002450A Tensionbelt
M1000-1104300B Fuel pipe part from fuel delivery pump tofuel filter KJ100-1003001-W1 Cylinder head gasket
MH400-1104400A Fuelpipepartfromfuelfiltertoinjectionpump KJ100-1003201 Valve cover gasket
MS2L2-1028006 Oil dipstick installing tube KJ100-1003205 Valve cover
Q150B0820 Bolt M8X20 150-1003043C Seal  ring
MS2L2-10090A1 Oil dipstick support plate 150-1003041F Oil cap
Q40308 Washer 8 KJ100-1003270 Gasket
Q340B08 Nut M8 M3500-1003110A Intake valve spring
F30SA-1028170 Oil dipstick seat 150-1007021E Valve lock key
M3801-1009080 Oil dipstick weldment L3000-1007022A Valve outer spring
E27L2-3900400 Preheating relay M3500-1003117 Valve inner spring
A3100-1008105 Air intake pipe gasket M6600-1003105 Valve stem seal
M63H1-1015050 Heater M6600-1003172 Valve guide
K2000-3708200 Earth wire part M3500-1003121 Revolve  gasket
M63Q1-3724200 Wire coupling M6600-1003111 Intake valve
G3208-1008049 Water Temperature Sensor M6600-1003173 Intake valve seat
MKB00-1013104 Cooler cover plate gasket M6600-1003103 Exhaust valve
M6600-1013108A Oil cooler core M6600-1003174 Exhaust valve seat
YC208-C03150F O ring 3.55×31.5 L3000-1003206 Steel wire roll
Q1840828 M8×28 Bolt M8×28 MK100-1004002 Gas ring
KJ300-1004006 Upper connecting rod bearing shell MK100-100403 Scraping oil ring
M6000-1004202 Connecting rod bushing MK100-1004100 Oil ring parts
M3000-1004004 Piston pin MK100-1004002A Piston ring subassembly
K2000-1004006 Upper connecting rod bearing shell KJ100-1004007 Lower connecting rod bearing shell


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