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Cummins Engine Assemblies And Original Accessories Have Been Sold For More Than 20 Years, With Inventory Exceeding 2000 Categories: Preferential Prices, Fast Service, And Consistent Praise From Customers
Trade Assurance – To protect your orders from payment to delivery
Shipping: Qingdao/ Shanghai/ Guangzhou/ Any port in China
Value-added services: Can design as request
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CN13YRSTrade Assurance
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Q: Could you accept sample order?
A: yes, we could accept sample order, we have confidence on our products quality
Q: Could you accept customization?
A: accept OEM and ODM. We have OEM and ODM experience 
Q: How about the preparation time?
A: Within 2 business days for items in stock; 10-30 days for items out of stock
Q: What packing can you provide?
A: Neutral carton, wooden case and pallet
Q: What about your products' quality?
A: Products quality is most important to us, our factory alwalys supply good and stable quality products.
We never sell used or secondhand or recondition products.
Our products have 6-12 months guarantee period, any quality problem during this period, we will send free engine parts to you
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