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Xcmg Loader,Excavators,Hanvan Trucks,Crawler Crane,Road Roller Original Accessories Have Been Sold For More Than 16 Years, With Inventory Exceeding 5600 Categories: Preferential Prices, Fast Service, And Consistent Praise From Customers,Anything Please Contact With Me If You Have Any Needs
Trade Assurance – To protect your orders from payment to delivery
Shipping: Qingdao/ Shanghai/ Guangzhou/ Any port in China
Value-added services: Can design as request
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Manufacturer,Trading Company
CN13YRSTrade Assurance
Phone : +8618272318253
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If you need help finding the correct part for your XCMG( Loader,Excavators,Hanvan Trucks,Crawler Crane,Road Roller ), include this in your email:


Truck Or Machinery Nameplate (Complete 17 digits)
Engine Serial Number (if you need an engine part)
Gearbox Nameplate (if you need an Gearbox part)
Part needed (please send a good description, photos also help)
Please Contact Supplier. We're here to answer all of your questions and recommend the best products that will help you achieve your specific goals! We look forward to working with you!




Q: Could you accept sample order?
A: yes, we could accept sample order, we have confidence on our products quality
Q: Could you accept customization?
A: accept OEM and ODM. We have OEM and ODM experience 
Q: How about the preparation time?
A: Within 2 business days for items in stock; 10-30 days for items out of stock
Q: What packing can you provide?
A: Neutral carton, wooden case and pallet
Q: What about your products' quality?
A: Products quality is most important to us, our factory alwalys supply good and stable quality products.
We never sell used or secondhand or recondition products.
Our products have 6-12 months guarantee period, any quality problem during this period, we will send free parts to you
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